Festive gold font on red ringband with your names and wedding date.

Personalized Cigar Labels

Our cigars can be easily personalized through the addition of special rings that match any occasion. Simply contact us with your request and we’ll get back to you within 2 working days with the costs and other details. For more details, please contact us at : info@tabaqueria.com

More Ideas for our Personalized Cigar Labels:


The perfect giveaway to your guests! Simply choose from the following designs or send us your own design and we’ll gladly help you create impressive souvenirs.

Gifts for a Special Man

It’s hard to resist a heavy wood box carved with your name or initials, filled with richly-scented quality cigars. Whether it’s dad, grandfather or your boss, this is a gift that he will be proud to show off.

It’s A Boy / It’s A Girl

The act of a proud father gifting male friends and relatives with celebratory cigars at a child’s birth goes back more than 100 years. Keep this classic tradition going with our baby blue or pink boxes filled with matching “It’s a Boy!” or “It’s a Girl!” cigars. We can also wrap an extra ring with baby’s name around each cigar for you.

Your Own Label or Company Logo

The perfect giveaway at many events, corporate or otherwise! Our cigars can serve as gifts to associates or as the perfect unique gift at your product launch or birthday party.

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